TIAF 2014

Thank-you to all the artists who took part, the visitors who came and the supporters who encouraged and spurred us on as TIAF 2014 took place in a wonderful new venue, showcasing 72 international artists including more video artsist as we had a dedicated film room this year.The opening night was full, despite the heavy rain, and we had a steady flow of visitors throughout the show. 

We are looking forward to taking the lessons learned and knowledge gained this year and working towards an exciting show in 2015 where we hope to be in the Rag Factory once again in the heart of Brick Lane.

2015 dates

Opening Night 14th October 

Exhibition runs Thursday 15th -Sunday 18th October


Below are some images from 2014


 IMG_0783-2 IMG_0802-2 IMG_1116-2 IMG_1208-2 IMG_0957-2 IMG_1231-2 IMG_1252-2 IMG_1247-2 IMG_1184-2 IMG_0922-2 IMG_1565-2 IMG_2101-2 IMG_2126-2 IMG_2122-2 IMG_2120-2 IMG_2109-2 IMG_2106-2 IMG_2322-2 IMG_2362-2 IMG_2366-2 IMG_2136-2 IMG_2089-2 IMG_1269-2 IMG_8029 IMG_2371-2 IMG_0905-2 IMG_0905-2 IMG_0978-2 IMG_0818-2 IMG_0856-2 IMG_0902-2 IMG_1070-2 IMG_1187-2 IMG_1237-2 IMG_2125-2 IMG_2146-2 IMG_2342-2 IMG_2354-2 IMG_2429-2 IMG_1049-2 IMG_0949-2

crowd17 IMG_0086IMG_0145 IMG_0124IMG_0161 tiafcrowd1crowd13 crowd14

auntie1 crowd4 crowd5crowd6 crowd7 crowd8crowd9 crowd10 crowd11


TIAF London 2014 PR


TIAF London 2014 PR_1 TIAF London 2014 PR_2